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Münstermann plants are sold and assembled worldwide. Usually the plants are transported by truck and then by ship to the production site of the respective customer. With a current project, however, everything was different.

Transport with an Antonov

Due to the current situation, many deliveries abroad have been delayed or had to be postponed. Münstermann is certainly not alone in this respect and many plant manufacturers are in a similar situation. For this reason we organised the transport of two oven zones by air for one of our customers. The transport time could thus be reduced from 7 weeks to 7 days.

Departure from Leipzig

The zones were first transported by truck to Leipzig Airport and loaded onto an Antonov there. With the airport's permission, we accompanied the loading with a photographer. Even for Schenker, which handled the aircraft transport logistically, such a transport was anything but commonplace. Take a look at our short video.

Video: Plane eats oven

Duration: approx. 8 minutes