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Drying of blocks made from natural gypsum are dried with the new tunnel dryer produced for Rigips AG (Switzerland). The blocks are produced in different thicknesses from 2.5 to 10 cms in which an even drying process is necessary.

Modern technology replaces the old thermal oil dryer

Münstermann had to replace the old thermal oil driven dryer, which had been in service for the past 30 years, with a modern dryer heated by natural gas. The energy savings were planned to be more than 30%, the production time was to drop considerably and the drying results were to be more evenly achieved. After drying trials at Münstermann an optimal concept was worked out, which fulfilled Rigips’ specifications. The investment according to our calculation will be amortised within the customer’s required time frame.

Positive side effects

In addition to the technical requirements such as efficient and even drying of the plasterblocks further positive side effects have become apparent. Previously in the production hall a tropically damp and noisy atmosphere prevailed. The fans, pumps and the heating system of the old dryer provided for a loud working environment. The new drying unit has been completely isolated by us so that it can hardly be heard from outside when in operation. In addition, the dryer has been so designed that only little moisture can get into the production hall by a carefully selected airflow and the tightly closing rolling door. The working environment of the Rigips workers has been considerably improved.

Not only drying

A short anecdote we would like to pass on to you. Rigips makes use of a quarry very close to it for the production of its gypsum blocks. During the project it became apparent that a de-dusting unit from Münstermann had already been installed there.

Marcel Sigrist von Rigips:

The cooperation with Münstermann is well-founded, reliable and extremely effective. The very limited period of time for the completion of the project was maintained.