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BASF Polyurethanes trusts Münstermann to move the production of a new, innovative, high performance insulating material from the laboratory into the pilot production phase.

New Insulation Panels

At the end of last year, BASF Polyurethanes GmbH announced a new high performance insulating material containing SLENTITE®. SLENTITE® is a polyurethane aerogel with a low lambda-value, which makes it possible to reduce insulation panel thickness by 25-50%. BASF has produced small quantities in a laboratory. Their next step is to try full scale production.

Leaving the Laboratory

What works in the laboratory must be able to be produced on an industrial scale. Together we developed a production unit that allowed us to convert the laboratory process into an industrial-sized pilot production. The aim was to develop a process, which is later also applicable to even larger production. However, the plates produced must correspond in quality and reproducibility of series production. With the resulting pilot plant panels are produced in a batch process, which are then tested in the laboratory and also at end users.

Solvent in the Atmosphere

The polyurethane aerogel is cured in an autoclave after forming. Our equipment handles the entire closed process, from receiving the aerogel panels to loading and unloading the autoclave. Throughout the entire process solvent is released inside the production unit. For this reason, the entire automated plate handling process is carried out under an oxygen-reduced atmosphere.

Conceptualizing, construction, automation, installation and commissioning were all carried out by Münstermann in close consultation with BASF. Our cooperation was an important aspect of this project which ensured success. Meanwhile panels are successfully produced in small series.