Münstermann has developed a new design for wear resistant skimmers. The skimmers are suitable for example as pre-separators and spark protection in the hot gas area of de-dusting units in foundry and incineration plants.

Designed for wear resistant applications

For applications with a high proportion of abrasive particles in the air flow in the helix area, a wear-resistant internal coating on a ceramic base, as known from turbine construction, is applied.

On customer request, the skimmer can be equipped with a control port for a camera so that the interior can be viewed. In this way, for example, deposits or wear of the skimmer installed in a plant can be detected from the outside (otherwise not possible).

Additional interesting features

  • The collecting chamber is equipped with a wear-resistant concrete coating.
  • Available in sizes from nominal diameter 355 mm to 2500 mm
  • Inexpensive base body with hi-tech coating
  • Permanent temperature resistance up to 170 °C
  • Without additional pressure losses despite surface coating
  • Long service life