Projects Glass and Stone Wool

Cooperation with Münstermann has been very efficient, and we see some good improvements. We are now finalizing the last details.

Peter Sørensen, project manager of Isover Scandinavia in Vamdrup, Denmark, summarizes a significant investment project that his company has just realised.

A team of up to 50 specialized fitters of Münstermann including sub-suppliers have installed and commissioned a new curing oven for glass wool. Simultaneously, Isover has invested into a new melting furnace and a new fiberizing device.

Vamdrup plant history

Isover is the world’s largest producer of insulation materials. The well-known premium brand is part of the French Saint-Gobain group, which is one of the oldest industrial companies in the world (this year celebrating its 350 years). Saint-Gobain is one of Münstermann’s most important customers. The plant in Vamdrup has been founded in 1982. It has a long tradition of thorough monitoring of its production processes. This leads to remarkably efficient use of resources and far reaching experience with production equipment.

Improvements and innovations

Georg Oster, Münstermann’s engineer specialised on curing ovens, emphasises the individual character of this project:

The high demands of our Danish partners have challenged our technical resources. This has created new technological impulses which have led to a strong result.

The project team was composed of Isover’s production specialists and Münstermann’s equipment engineers. It was essential to develop a curing oven capable of producing a large variety of glass wool products. Among others, during design and implementation, the technicians focused on three decisive features: 

  • Exceptionally high degree of flatness of the conveyor flights in order to manufacture high density products
  • Five production widths
  • Shortened oven zones in order to deal with the specific spatial conditions on site

No better start-up possible

First results after start-up look rather encouraging: Starting from meter five, the glass wool product leaving the new curing oven was compliant with Isover’s quality requirements. By the way, this has been the second large curing oven within a year that Münstermann has built for Isover.

Please refer to this website in order to know more about Isover Scandinavia: