Projects Glass and Stone Wool

Assembly of pre-manufactured modules on site, thorough coordination with local contractors, engineering support during project planning - in a recent project in the glass wool industry, Muenstermann tried fresh methods of project implementation.

Curing oven for glass wool, multitude of fresh experiences, fresh options for new markets

Münstermann’s customer Volcalis is located in Portugal and a new player in the glass wool market. Volcalis' aim is to provide the local market with a portfolio of standard products of high quality. Establishing a reliable general layout of the production line including correct dimensioning of the main parts of the equipment (glass melting, fiberizing, curing oven, packaging) represented the essential challenge as the project started. Calculating production capacities suitable for the local market proved to be just as important.

Assembly on site – a new way of project implementation

At the second stage, Muenstermann installed a curing oven in the newly created plant. Our company implemented a new method in order to save expenditure during installation. Traditionally, Muenstermann assembles complete oven zones in the workshop located in Telgte. Design, automation, project management represent inflexible elements in the cost structure. However, there is potential to reduce cost during assembly and installation. Our company involved local assembly personnel.

The curing oven was pre-manufactured in our company in small component groups and assembled on site by local teams. Muenstermann sent a group of experienced supervisors who instructed and monitored the local fitters. The following factors are key pre-requisites for the success of this new approach:

  • Wages on site are lower than in Germany
  • The project schedule allows for enough time, as the assembly of components will take longer than installing completely manufactured oven zones
  • The design of the oven is focusing on main functionalities. More elaborate ovens, including a high level of automation and sophisticated technical features should be installed and commissioned by experienced personnel of Münstermann
  • This project approach requires professional and thorough assembly planning and coordination. The issue of splitting responsibilities is especially important. Please have a look at our Definitions of Installation Types.

We are ready to do it again

Finally, the production line was successfully commissioned. Our team wishes Volcalis the best of luck and prosperity to his endeavours. We appreciate the high level of entrepreneurship in this unique project. Münstermann is satisfied with the manifold experience gained during this mission. We are looking for a suitable opportunity to repeat this new project approach, and we think it is highly suitable for emerging markets such as the East of Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America.