A very interesting application for which Münstermann supplies solutions is the production of cables as required for the transfer of the generated energy from offshore wind farms to the coast.

One of the customers who trust in Münstermann solutions is the grid operator Tennet. As the production of cables is time-consuming and there are only a few manufacturers of these special cables, Tennet keeps cable warehouses. Münstermann has already equipped the second warehouse with production equipment.


Large turntables are needed for the storage of the cables. The two turntables supplied by Münstermann both have a capacity for 2,300 tonnes of cable with a diameter of 26 metres. The drive is realised by means of a drive rack toothing and the four drive stations are distributed at 90° on the diameter.

Additional components

For each turntable, one traction unit with two tonnes of traction force was supplied. A horizontally movable loading arm loads the turntables electromechanically via a chain drive. A self-sufficient "plug and play" traction unit for eight tonnes of tractive force with independent control and its own hydraulic unit is also part of the scope of delivery.