Reference Projects Cable

The wind park business area is booming and German companies are technologically leading the world in this sector. In Germany investment especially in large offshore wind parks is being made. A special challenge is the production and laying of the power cables to the wind parks at sea.

The large and heavy power cables are laid in one piece from the wind parks to the mainland. During production the cables are wound up on to large turntables (carousels) comparable to huge cable drums. After production theses cables are then loaded onto special cable-laying ships.

Material handling system and turntable

In a current project Münstermann has been commissioned by the Norddeutsche Seekabelwerke to design and produce such a turntable. The extent of the installation ranges from not only the turntable but also the transport of the finished cable from the stranding machine to the turntable including the handling system and the accumulator. The production of the handling system for this requires considerable know-how. For example, in the case of a breakdown of the transport system, the cable has to be positioned in loops via a so-called accumulator. So as to illustrate the extent of the dimensions: the turntable has a diameter of 35 metres and has a loading-carrying capacity of 4,000 tonnes.

Overview of the unit parameters

  • Münstermann turntable fitted with cable drawing gear and accumulator
  • Diameter: 35 metres
  • Load capacity: 4,000 tonnes
  • Tensioning force of the cable tensioner: 10 tonnes