Projects clean air technology

At our customer Enerco's location in the harbour of Amsterdam coal from all over the world is refined. The coal is stored for a certain time and then processed. During the drying process in a drum dryer a high percentage of dust arises. The 22-year-old filter, which was used for the dedusting, was exchanged for a new, modern unit from us.

The extracted dust is explosive and combustible. For this reason the complete unit has been supplied in the EX-version as per to ATEX – Directive 94/9/EC. The filter itself is defined as an Ex-Zone 20. As an additional special feature therefore a flameproof rotary feeder and a spark guarded ventilator is fitted.

Technical data

In this case a Type SK36/4.5m VI R filter with bursting discs for pressure relief in the event of an explosion. The volume of air to be cleansed is 36.000 m³/h.