Projects clean air technology

Münstermann’s de-dusting units possess not only qualitatively high standards but are also sometimes installed at dizzy heights. You can also describe the task similarly one way or the other, which emerged as the de-dusting of a 70 metre clinker tower silo equipped with two bucket conveyors for the company Vigier.

One of the tasks as part of the project was the demolition of a bag-filter unit at the top of a 65 metre high silo tower. This old installation in the tower was replaced by two modern and efficient units at 35 metres and 65 metres. In addition the required piping system in a wear-resistant quality was designed and supplied.

The technical details at a glance:

  • The total suction capacity amounts to 30,000 m³/hour.
  • The filter units, which are fitted with separation chambers, are designed for continuous operation at 100°C
  • The dust content in pure air consists of < 10 mg/m³
  • The old unit was dismantled and the required piping was supplied as well.
  • The whole project was completed in a period of only 6 months.