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At Fels-Werke, an electrostatic filter for a drum dryer has been replaced by a modern bag filter system.

Conversion in a short time while retaining the existing steel structure

At Fels-Werke GmbH, a drum dryer for limestone drying has been installed, which was previously dedusted with an electrostatic filter with an upstream cyclone battery. The outdated de-dusting system was newly planned by Münstermann and replaced by a bag filter unit. The unit including the new chimney was to be inserted into an existing, older steel construction and this within a specified, shortest possible time.

Difficult installation conditions

The dismantling of the old electrostatic filter, the piping, the cyclone battery, the fan and the old chimney, as well as the adaptation of the steel structure to the new units were carried out on site. During the installation of the new filter, the use of cranes was made more difficult by the on-site conveyor system running above it. Nevertheless, the filter was inserted in several pre-assembled and pre-insulated sections, the chimney in two halves and the fan and piping were inserted without any problems. After assembly, the joints were re-insulated and the penthouse was installed with a perfect fit.

The specified time frame was adhered to and the new filter (60,000 Bm³/h with an exhaust gas temperature of 95 °C) was professionally put into operation. It fits perfectly into the existing units and also complies with new exhaust air limits without any problems.