Projects AAC

In combination with our business partner Hess AAC we have equipped up to 20 aerated concrete works with units in recent years. Our automatic mould-oiling units in particular have been further developed and optimized.

Current project in Saudi Arabia

The mould-oiling unit in the picture is part of a consignment, which has been set up in Saudi Arabia. Additional components supplied for this project include the following:

  • Transfer car for the transportation of the casting moulds
  • Transfer car for the loading and unloading of the autoclaves
  • Friction gear to transport the casting moulds and bogeys along the rails
  • An automatic cleaning station for the casting mould side parts/platforms for curing
  • A so-called 'Cross Conveyor' used for turning the bricks is positioned behind the separator
  • Centring unit, brakes and other fittings for the transport of the casting moulds and the bogeys

Modified mould oiling unit

In this particular oiling unit for casting moulds shown in the picture several alterations and innovations have been included in order to optimise the process.

  • An improved extraction of the spray mist by means of a closed suction hood fitted directly over the casting mould (the extracted air is passed directly into the production hall)
  • The number of nozzles required could be substantially reduced.
  • The cycle time could be reduced as well as the electrical energy consumption
  • The overall size of the unit could be reduced
  • User-friendly operating concept by improved ability to view the operating processes